This is the proposed cover for our new edition of Slave Revolution! Look for it at the end of 2016. This is the new edition of Slave Revolution! Bedford Saint-Martins released it at the end of 2016. We’ve added some exciting new documents, including an excerpt from the 1758 interrogation of the “poisoner” Macandal and a fantastic contemporary print of the fall of Cap Français, by the same artist who painted our cover image.



Plantation Machine Our twin portrait of Saint-Domingue and Jamaica came out on University of Pennsylvania Press in June 2016.


Assumed Identities Features an introduction by Franklin Knight and chapters by Rebecca Scott (Cuba), my future co-author Trevor Burnard (Jamaica), Rebecca Goetz (Chesapeake), Sidney Chaloub (Brazil), and John Garrigus (Saint-Domingue).


BeforeHaiti_pbk The paperback edition of Before Haiti came out in 2010.
BeforeHaiti_hbk In 2007, Before Haiti won the 2007 Gilbert Chinard Prize from the Society for French Historical Studies.
Slave REvolution in the Caribbedan