I’m Professor of History at the University of Texas at Arlington.

I research and write about French colonial Haiti, which was called Saint-Domingue in the eighteenth century. My scholarship focuses on the pre-conditions of the Haitian Revolution, with special attention to cultural concepts of race.

In Fall 2021, I’m finishing a book about slave resistance before the Haitian Revolution. An Andrew Carnegie Fellowship has helped me write most of this work. The book centers on the stories enslaved and free people told about Fran├žois Macandal, an African man whom colonists executed for leading a poison conspiracy. I also have an article coming out in October 2021 about the devastating impact of livestock disease on enslaved people in Saint-Domingue. It will appear in the William & Mary Quarterly.

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Contact me at:
Department of History
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UTA History Office: (817) 272-2861